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HR Admin & Payroll

Managing HR can be hard work – and even a little scary at times. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ll process your payroll, manage deductions, simplify time-tracking and help you get a handle on compliance, records and reports. We’ll also streamline employment verification, onboarding, PTO approval and employee access to paystubs, W-2s and benefits info.

Payroll Preparation Services


Each payroll period we provide:

  • Payroll Checks for each employee, computed and verified.

  • Workman's Compensation: deducted from each pay. No up-front deposit of premium or load fees.

  • Federal, state and local tax deposit via electronic tax payment processing.

  • Wage garnishment processing

  • Direct Deposits

Each Quarter we provide:

  • Federal 941 Report. 

  • State and local Tax Filings

  • Unemployment Compensation Filing

Annually we provide:

  • Employee W-2's

  • Employer copies

  • Federal 940 Report.

  • Year-End filings for federal, state and local agencies


Partial Payroll Services


  • Direct Deposit Service - Do you prepare your own payroll but want to give your employees direct deposit?  We can do that for you. It allows your employees the convenience of not worrying about picking up or depositing their paycheck when they are not at work.

  • EFTPS Service - we can file your payroll taxes electronically, accurately and on time avoiding late fees and penalties.

  • Other Services available such as labor posters, payroll processing from client account and 1099 processing.

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