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Why Choose Corporate Outsource Solutions?


Employee leasing is the fastest growing Human Resources component in the workplace. Companies are turning to outsourcing of professional services to cut administrative costs, manage payroll processing and benefits programs, process government filings, and lower their workers compensation rates. The responsibility of all the administrative paperwork belongs to us. You are still in charge of hiring and firing, company policies and everyday management decisions. We become your offsite Human Resources Department. 


Your payroll services are a necessary but unproductive department in your organization. Time spent on payroll, withholding, government forms, employment, and workers compensation is costly. Corporate Outsource Solutions provides a comprehensive array of payroll services for less than your current cost. With COS, we provide an affordable alternative.


Providing health-care insurance, workers compensation plans, savings programs and other benefits can account for more than 50% of the cost of adding employees. Employers turn to Corporate Outsource Solutions to offset the high costs of these employee benefits. We offer services including unemployment and workers compensation management, retirement plans and pension consulting, COBRA administration, employee benefits and government filings. We concentrate on managing the paperwork so that your records are kept organized and at your fingertips. 


With 28 years of proven results, COS does the work that costs you time and money, leaving you free to be hands on with your daily operations. Grow like never before knowing that all of your HR and Payroll needs are being met.

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