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Abstractor Services

Fast, Concise, and Dependable Searches

Corporate Outsource Solutions provides fully insured, customized abstractor services for clients in the PA, FL and KY states. We provide our clients with public record abstracting services for title and real estate searches. Through customization, we give our clients both time and cost efficiency with un-compromised, quality services.


  • Current owner w/24 Month of Chain of Title -Search exceeds 36 months it is considered a full search

  • 2/3-Owner Title Search

  • Full Title Search - State statue varies

  • Foreclosure Title Search

  • Delinquent Tax 

  • Judgement/Lien Searches

  • Cell Tower Searches

  • Commercial Searches and Mechanic Liens - All types of Businesses


• Bankruptcy Searches
• Business

• Certified Copies of Documents

• Certificates of Good Standing
• Chain of Title (Deeds)
• Condemnation Searches
• Corporate Records Retrievals
• County Record Retrievals
• Death Records Retrievals/Searches
• Deed Searches

• Delinquent Tax Searches
• Document Retrieval

• Foreclosure/Lis Pendens Searches

• Full Title (60 Year)/Insured Searches

• Grantor/Grantee Searches

• Judgment Searches

• Mortgage Verifications/Searches

• Parcel Searches

• Probate Searches

• Real Estate Searches

• Recent Sales Searches

• Tax Searches

• UCC County Searches



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